Strategic R&D alignment (roadmaping)

To enable long-term efficient and innovative research, industrial (OEMs Zuliferer, SMEs) and academic partners (research institutes and universities) are working togehter across application domains. By acting together and with a strategy harmonised on a national and European level, the future social and economic challenges can be mastered with embdded technologies. SafeTRANS is THE German competence cluster to provide the platform for cooeration in the domain of embedded systems.

SafeTRANS Members…

  • participate in round tables and influence R & D strategies in the transportation domains
  • anchor their priority topics in R & D programmes on a national and European level
  • have direct information about the latest news of national and European R & D activities and programmes

SafeTRANS ...

  • … initiates
  • … moderates
  • … develops content

Information about SafeTRANS working groups in 2018 (only available in German).


  • ECSEL Strategic Research Agenda Electronic Components and Systems (ECS SRA), 2018

    SafeTRANS was the co-leader of the chapter "System and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration" (chapter 6). 

    ECS SRA to be available for download

    • Management Summary and Roadmap "Highly automated Systems: Test, Safety, and Development Processes"

      The Management Summary and Roadmap summarize regulatory and research challenges to be addressed for cost-effective safe deployment of highly automated systems with excellent quality. The focus is on the overall development process, including architecture and security aspects, as well as verification and validation (V & V). 

      Roadmap Highly automated Systems, 2017 (D)

      Management Summary, 2017 (D)

      Management Summary, 2017 (EN)

    • ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda 2016

      The ARTEMIS Industry Association launched its Strategic Research Agenda 2016 in April. ARTEMIS-IA aims to consolidate the pathway for the digital revolution, enabling a more agile and shorter development cycle of Embedded Intelligent Systems. In the coming years the Industry Association will focus on providing strong technological capability over the whole value chain, thus removing barriers between application contexts to yield multi-domain, reusable components and Embedded Intelligent systems, and extend the use of digital platforms to build the stronger eco-systems that are needed to accelerate innovation and create new business models.

    • Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems

      The Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems was published on 22nd September on the occasion of the IAA 2015.

      The roadmap is published by:

      Dokument der Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems:

      The Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems can be downloaded here (PDF / 3 MB, only available in German).

      Presentation to the Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems

      The presentation slides presented on the IAA showing the creation process of the roadmap as well as it's content can be downloaded [here] (PDF / < 1 MB, only available in German).

      It is possible to order the printed document free of charge. To do so, please write an e-mail to SafeTRANS Office including your address.

    • acatech agendaCPS

      Cyber-physical systems will pose new challenges to science and research. Embedded hardware and software systems are decisive driving forces for innovation in the export and growth markets of German industry. They crucially expand the functionality and, as a result, the practical value and competitiveness of vehicles, aircraft, medical equipment, production plants and household appliances. The objective should be to master technology and its economic use and to focus on the social acceptance of cyber-physical systems.

    • National Roadmap Embedded Systems

      The National Roadmap Embedded Systems was published on 8th December 2009 in occasion of the 4th IT-Gipfel of the German Federal Government. You find the press release here. (only available in German).

      The document of the National Roadmap Embedded Systems:

      The National Roadmap Embedded Systems can be downloaded here (PDF / 3,9 MB, only available in German). It is possible to order the printed document free of charge. To do so, please write an e-mail to SafeTRANS PR & Kommunikation including your address.

      Presentaion to the National Roadmap Embedded Systems

      A summary of the National Roadmap Embedded Systems can be downloaded here  (PDF / 4,6 MB).

      Related Document

      BITKOM: Eingebettete Systeme – Ein strategisches Wachstumsfeld für Deutschland (PDF / 209 MB)

Automotive Roadmap Embedded Systems

Cover der Roadmap 2015


Hochautomatisierte Systeme: Testen, Safety und Entwicklungsprozesse (only in German)


Strategic documents for research and development

Together with experts from industry and research, we initialise crucial basic research for the cross-application technology of embedded systems by a harmonised strategy.