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SafeTRANS ("Safety in Transportation Systems") is a Competence Cluster combining research and development expertise in the area of complex embedded systems in transportation systems (automotive, avionics, rail, and maritime) and further safety-critical domains.
Roadmap and position paper available:
"Safety, Security, and Certifiability for Future Man-Machine Systems"

The roadmap "Safety, Security, and Certifiability of Future Man-Machine Systems" developed by the SafeTRANS working group "Resilient, Learning, and Evolutionary Systems" was presented on December 11th, 2019, in Berlin.
  • SafeTRANS supports its members in the preparation and harmonisation of research and development strategies, summarises the strategies in roadmaps and anchors identified priority topics in national and European funding programs.

    In addition to strategic activities, SafeTRANS fosters project incubation on national and European level, e. g. through consortium building, selection of topics, and help in the application process. The sustainability of project results and its industrial use are supported by the establishment of a so called ecosystem.

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Interview with an Expert

Read about future CPS and learn more about the strategy of the largest European aviation group AIRBUS (only available in German).





We work with experts from industry and academia to analyse and harmonise application-oriented R&D for embedded systems. SafeTRANS publishes its results in specific roadmaps.